"...he asked about what I’ve been eating and mentioned that he would like to eat better. Of course I said, 'So do it!' And his response was, 'I wish I could but I just can’t afford it.' And then he got a long, unplanned lecture about how much I hate that everyone has this idea that eating healthy is just too expensive, and how incredibly wrong they all are.".
Emily, at thatswhatieat.com
"I've spent a significant part of my life...poor. The idea of NOT cooking at home being an option because you don't 'have enough money" is laughable.'


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This morning I was going to go to the gym, but as I was taking my rent check to the apartment office I changed my mind and decided to swim.  That meant I had to wait a little while before the pool opened for laps. I went inside and started to turn on the computer to waste a little time while I waited, but instead realized that I could do a couple of things with some food.

I had two cucumbers, so I cut them up, peeled and sliced some onions, added tomatoes and herbs and stuff and made cucumber salad. That took five minutes.

I had some pineapples, so I peeled, cored, and sliced two pineapples and put the slices in the dehydrator.  That took ten minutes.

I washed all the tools I used to do those things.

I am going to run out of bread today, so I mixed up a batch of bread dough with whole wheat and put it out to rise.  That took five minutes.

20 minutes to do all that.  That’s about the same as a coffee break.  Less than the amount of time to watch a segment on a TV show about how the mother is spying on the daughter who is having sex with her teacher.   And much more profitable and edifying.

And I still have time to kill before going to the pool.

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