“In fact some of the most affordable foods you can buy are also the best foods to eat.”
Nutrition Council
"Did you know that it costs less to eat healthy?" By eating healthier every day you would save, for 2 people, $256 a month, or $30,800 in 10 years. "That’s not including the money you could be saving in lowered medication costs by eating healthier. Plus you will feel better too!"
Lindsay Lannan, Harvesters Community Food Network


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Millet: Birds Eat This Stuff, and They Can FLY!


Millet is a small grain that you can cook like rice. It’s a change from rice and wheat and is a nice addition to the pantry. You may even find it cheaper than rice!  Well maybe.  And maybe not for long.  Enjoy it while you can!

Very high in protein, and rich in nutrition, millet is one of the world’s healthiest foods, and is an excellent source of manganese, phosphorus and magnesium. Yeah, sure, a lot of people think of bird seed when they hear the word “millet,” but hey! BIRDS CAN FLY!

Millet is one of the few things I buy at Whole Foods.  It’s in the bulk foods section, with the wheat berries and rye and amaranth, which are the other things I buy there.  You may find it in your local supermarkets and health food stores, and you can also buy it online. You should be able to buy it for less than $2 per pound.  If you buy it online and have it delivered, be sure to include the shipping cost in your calculations — but some places will ship for FREE if you order more than some minimum amount, so you can get some real bargains.

Millet is very versatile, so there are many ways to use it besides the plain plebian preparation.

MILLET PIE, with vegetables and brown rice, looks pretty terrific, if you ask me.

A lovely One-Skillet Chicken, Millet, and Mushroom dish is easy, and there’s not too much to clean up because it’s a whole meal in one pot… er, skillet.

How about some Millet Fried “Rice,” with no rice?

Millet Cakes… uhm, patties?  … burgers?  Maybe there’s no good name for it.  “Yum Yum Lumps” perhaps?

A nice Toasted Millet Salad — hey, it’s a lot like tabbouleh, isn’t it?  Well, then, you can also do a nice Greek Millet Tabbouleh, too!

You can make your own millet flour just by grinding it in a blender or spice grinder, too.

Or try these Millet and Brown Rice “Blender Pancakes.”


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