“Go to the store and buy some chicken breast, mixed greens, veggies, olive oil, and vinegar. For $4 you would have enough ingredients for several salads, and again, it would be much healthier.”
Tony Schober
“Eating foods that include leafy vegetables, pulses, fruits and milk and cutting out on processed foods can prove to be a healthy and inexpensive way of staying fit on a shoe-string budget.”


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Kale Chips

Versatile, portable, and easy, healthful kale chips might be a way for people who don’t normally like leafy greens to enjoy the healthful benefits of these nutritional treasures.

Kale chips: snacklike healthy goodness.

"They don't taste like kale!"

Just wash some fresh kale, or collard greens or other greens, cut them into chip-size pieces, give them a very light coating of oil either in a bowl or in a bag, then spread them on a sheet pan and bake them for about 20 minutes at 350 degrees, until they are crispy.

There are so many good things to say about kale chips, or collard green chips, it’s hard to know what’s most important.  It’s easy to take them along on trips to the fair, where it might otherwise be awkward to take some cooked leafy greens.  They make a snack like potato chips but they’re awfully good for you. And people who don’t really like leafy greens taste them and say “Wow, these don’t even taste like kale!  I like these!  I could eat these!” Maybe that’s the most important thing of all, then.  If they are a way to enjoy leafy greens and you wouldn’t otherwise eat kale, then this could be a great new way to get healthy.

Of course, I love kale anyway, and for me this is just one more way to enjoy them!

The part about how easy it is to take them along for lunch when I go out and about, though….  I think that’s pretty darn cool, as well.

Kale Chips —  pretty awesome, huh?


Roasted Kale Chips with Sea Salt and Vinegar

Jason, the chip man, is happy — with gorgeous pics.

Decorate your table with an arrangement of green chips!

Mustard green chips

Collard green chips in food dehydrator Tastes “…surprisingly like I remember dorritos taste.”

VIDEO:  Little kid LIKES ‘em!

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