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Freezing Avocados

Avocado pulp and guacamole freeze very well.

Last week I found avocados on sale for 29 cents each.  I bought 30 of them, let them ripen for a few days, and turned them all in to guacamole.  I portioned my gallon or so of green goo goodness into plastic sandwich bags and now have more than 7 pounds of fantastically delicious guacamole in 17 packages in my freezer.

I told a few people about the sale on the alligator pears, and how much guac I made, and several of them asked me if it was OK to freeze that.  I was surprised that everybody didn’t know this already, so I’m mentioning it here.

Avocado pulp freezes very well.   I worked for years in lots of different restaurants, and many of them use frozen avocado pulp.  I don’t think there’s much, if any, difference in the taste of freshly made guacamole compared to frozen.

Buying the avocadoes when they come on sale like this means I can make guacamole for about $1.20/pound.  All I need to do when I want to use it is take it out of the freezer and let it thaw in the refrigerator or put the bag under running water in the sink for a few minutes.

I just mash the avocado pulp with chopped onion, garlic, lemon juice, maybe some pepper or chili powder.  If you put diced tomato or bell pepper in your guacamole, you might want to leave those out of the stuff to be frozen, and mix them in after you thaw it.  Freezing the tomatoes or peppers with the guac might make them mushy and watery.

Some things I didn’t know about the history of avocado include a reputation for “inducing sexual prowess.” Even stranger than that is the fact that apparently the growers had to DISPELL that idea in order to sell more of them.  I would have thought that would help sales.

In case you haven’t seen the easy way to scoop avocado pulp out of the rind, here’s how it’s done.  Sliced through the fruit to the seed, all the way around the seed, then separate the two halfs and hit the seed with the sharp side of the knife blade.  Twist the knife, and the seed will come out, stuck to the knife.  Then you just use a spoon and easily scoop out the pulp.

Of course guacamole is a great dip, but it’s also good as a sandwich spread instead of mayonnaise or butter.

Avocado is supposed to have many health benefits, besides just tasting so darn good.

There are lots of different guacamole recipes at AllRecipes.com.

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