"Don’t use budget as an excuse to eat poorly. ...For roughly the same price as a 24-pack of soda, you can buy a cucumber, a bag of frozen stir-fry vegetables, one pound of grapes, one pound of bananas and one pound of brown rice."
Karen Jackson


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Seeded Brown Rice Crackers

A friend who isn’t eating wheat came over to watch a football game last weekend, so I made black bean hummus and these crackers.  The flavors of the hummus and these crackers go together very, very nicely!

The model for these crackers was a wonderful recipe for Crispy Rye and Seed Crackers, by Peter Reinhart. [...]


Roast Chicken. Plain Roast Chicken.

Sometimes I see articles called something like “Simple Roast Chicken,” and they talk about rinsing and seasoning and brining and cutting and tying up with strings and spatchcocking and exotic fruits and expensive spices and imported wines and… I’m sick of it.   Oh, I do love chicken cooked all those ways, and roast [...]


Eggplant Spread

Smashed eggplant. I was going to call it Baba Galoop. It’s like baba ganoush, but it’s a variation. It turns out that there are many variations of smashed eggplant around the world, so there’s no need to be fussy here. Use what you’ve got.

I have not made smashed eggplant before.  I think I [...]


1-Minute Perfect Poached Egg

Nancy Leson, food writer for the Seattle Times, reported this week on something she learned from an article at BonAppetite.com – how to poach an egg perfectly in less time than it takes to toast a piece of bread, using your microwave.

In a nutshell (in an eggshell?), here’s how she says to do [...]


Chopped Liver

Even though liver has enormous health benefits, and even though it’s extremely affordable, some people will just not like it.  OK.  People like different things.  Me?  I like food that’s delicious and nutritious and doesn’t cost much money.  Liver is one of those kinds of foods.

If you’re just not going to eat liver no matter what, that’s cool.   I hope you like some of the other ideas I suggest.

If you do like liver, or are willing to try it, check this out:

One of my favorite ways to prepare liver is to make chopped liver.  The name is the basic recipe.  Cook liver, chop it.  Variations?  Infinite!  I like to eat it as a spread on bread or as a dip with crackers.

Nutritious, delicious, easy and cheap. What is it, chopped liver?!

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