"...he asked about what I’ve been eating and mentioned that he would like to eat better. Of course I said, 'So do it!' And his response was, 'I wish I could but I just can’t afford it.' And then he got a long, unplanned lecture about how much I hate that everyone has this idea that eating healthy is just too expensive, and how incredibly wrong they all are.".
Emily, at thatswhatieat.com
"I've spent a significant part of my life...poor. The idea of NOT cooking at home being an option because you don't 'have enough money" is laughable.'


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Bananas are Real Cheap Food!

Bananas are usually the cheapest fresh fruit in the store.  It’s important to eat plenty of fresh fruits, and bananas are packed with lots of health benefits. Some say they even help reduce depression.  Others say they aren’t a real treatment, but they can still help reduce depressive symptoms.   Bananas are good for breakfast, lunch, dinner, desserts and snacks.  They’re more versatile than you might have imagined.

In addition to eating them fresh, just as they are, I freeze them to make banana “ice cream.” They are good dried in a food dehydrator.  You can add them to breads and they are an excellent component of homemade nutrition bars.

Bananas are portable, they are perfect to take along for lunch.  Well, almost perfect.  They do squish, so don’t put them in your pocket (unless you dehydrate them, in which case, yay!).

Healthy Banana Oat Bars

Bananas are serious Cheap Eats!

VIDEO: Best Ever Banana Bread Recipe

Banana Bread Cookies

Homemade Energy Bars for Athletes

Banana is a smart after-workout snack.

Build better bones with bananas!

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