"My theory is that we can all eat healthy, but without it costing us a fortune."
Jessi Koontz
You don’t have to pay a lot to eat well. And you don’t have to eat a lot of processed foods to eat cheaply.
Suzi Flourpants


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Almost Focaccia

I enjoyed this flat bread with some homemade hummus.  Days later I realized I almost made focaccia!

I enjoyed this flat bread with some homemade hummus. Days later I realized I almost made focaccia!

I made a big bowl of hummus.  Delicious.  Now I needed something to eat it with, so I made a crispy flat bread.

Some days later I was talking to my sister and she mentioned something about focaccia, and I thought to myself, “Is that what I made?”   Well, it turns out it’s not *quite* what I made, but pretty close!


I’m happy with what I made.   Maybe I’ll try real focaccia sometime.

This recipe for focaccia gets 4 and a half stars at AllRecipes.com.   It’s easy!

These focaccias are softer than what I made.  Better for sandwiches and panini.

Easy Rosmary Focaccia at TheKitchn.com

It’s really not hard.  Actually simple.  A wide, thin, loaf of bread, basically, as illustrated at Italian Food Forever.

Michelle, The Brown Eyed Baker, says “I have no idea what took me so darn long to make this bread, but I could kick myself for not making it 5 years sooner.”

In my case, it’s because I was making “almost” focaccia.  (And I eat my mistakes.)

Roast a Whole Cauliflower

Just put it in the oven and bake it.

Me? I just put it in the oven and bake it.

I have seen plenty of articles and recipes about whole roasted cauliflower in the last six months. It’s an easy way to cook a great vegetable.  Heck, it’s so easy, I just unwrap it and put the whole thing in the oven.  Oh, about 375, maybe 400 degrees, for 45 minutes to an hour.  You can eat it raw, you know, so how long to cook it is purely a matter of personal preference.

Personally, I like it plain.  Just bake the thing and then I have cauliflower for days.

There are more uhm…  complicated  sophisticated ways to do this, if you want to go to more trouble than you have to:

You could put olive oil and salt on it before baking, and serve it with some kind of salad dressing.

Some people remove the stem and leaves and poach the head of cauliflower in wine before baking it.

There are spicy variations that call for marinating the head of cauliflower in a yogurt sauce, or yogurt with herbs and Parmesan cheese, or a coconut oil concoction if you’re not into milk.

It’s about as versatile as anything can be.  One guy even does his with white chocolate and nuts on top.



Freezing Peppers

Peppers can sometimes be a little on the expensive side, but sometimes you can get them on sale.  And if the store has a lot of peppers that won’t last much longer, they might be on sale at the lowest price of all.  Or maybe you have a friend who likes to garden, and they end up giving you a shopping bag full of peppers this summer.  Well, the thing is, you don’t want to eat pounds of peppers all in one day, so you want to keep them for later.  You can do that by freezing them.

Honestly, sometimes I just remove the seeds and break up the pepper and freeze it in a bag. You really don’t have to blanch them like I’m going to show you.  But really, the better way to do it, especially if you plan to cook the peppers into other dishes after you freeze them,  is to cut up the peppers and blanch them before freezing.


How to Freeze Green Peppers, at WikiHow.  This is the blanching way.

Home-Ec101.com  shows how to freeze them without blanching.

Frozen Fruit in a Blender

I make stuff like this nearly every day.  I usually just cut it up with a knife, actually.  But it’s really nice, like really impressive for company nice, when you buzz it up in a blender. Well… in a blender or a food processor.  Any fruit will do.

Delicious, nutritious, easy, and cheap!

Banana and blackberry works well, and a few nuts on top, perhaps?

No ice cream machine required: 3 Easy Sorbets Made in the Blender

These can be extremely simple, or get a little fancier and even exotic. Frozen Dessert Recipes for the food processor, including Tropical Fruit Ice and Chocolate Earl Grey Sorbet!

And you know what, really you don’t even need a blender OR a food processor.  I usually just cut up the frozen fruit with a knife.  Or you can make a granita… takes a little longer, but it’s really good.




No-Mayo Tuna (or Potato) Salad

In a recent conversation we were talking about an upcoming picnic, and my friend was thinking about potato salad but wondered about how safe it would be, and I said “You could make it without mayonnaise.”  She said “How would you do that?”

Question: How do you make Potato (or Tuna) salad without mayo?  Answer: Don’t put mayo in it.

Crazy! Yeah, I know, right??

Melissa Belanger, at A Teaspoon of Happiness, has a nice little recipe. She says “It’s just tuna salad without mayo. …Just eat it because it’s good.”

Healthy Mediterranean Tuna Salad:  ”You won’t miss the mayo!”

Some people use yogurt instead of mayonnaise in tuna salad.  Some people use yogurt in potato salad.

Some people use avocado in their tuna salad.  Or their potato salad.

You can use Italian dressing instead of mayonnaise, too. Same thing goes for potato salad.

Really, just about any condiment will do. This is one good way to use up those dabs of leftover condiments cluttering up your refrigerator.