"Some of the best dishes in the world's cuisines came from the necessity to eat cheaply."
Linda Giuca
"When my clients start eating more healthfully, their grocery bills plummet."
Katherine Tallmadge, RD


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Baked Sweet Potato Fries

Delicious sweet potato fries are easy to cook in the oven.

Delicious sweet potato fries are easy to cook in the oven.

They’re really easy.  Observe:

Here’s a very nice recipe in which the cook peels the potatoes, which I almost never do, and uses corn starch for extra crispitude: Cookie and Kate’s Crispy Baked Sweet Potato Fries.

Sally cuts her fries a lot thinner, for extra crispiness, and spices them with cinnamon.

Sally and Kate peel their potatoes, but lots of people agree with me that leaving the peel on gives the fries an inspired taste.

Laurie McNamara, at SimplyScratch.com, recommends soaking the raw cut fries in water to remove starch, thus promoting crisposity.  Laurie also likes her fries spicy, with cayenne, chili powder, garlic powder, and more.

Chunga likes garlic and Parmesan on his sweet potato fries.

Yakiimo No Uta:  “Softly, softly, inside the mouth a feeling of happiness spreads.” – Song of Roast Sweet Potatoes

Cooking Healthy Family Meals on a Budget

Learning to shop and cook will change your life.


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Cooking Mung Beans

For years I’ve cooked dried beans and loved them.  For years I’ve sprouted mung beans and loved them.  Yet, somehow, in all these years I had never cooked the mung beans…



Well, whatdya’ know? They’re delicious!  And they’re also very nutritious, with plenty of protein and lots of important vitamins and minerals.

I soaked them overnight, then boiled them. All I added was salt and pepper, and by golly, they’re really good!

OK, now I’ll be cooking them lots of ways. I’m looking forward to:

Mung Bean Hummus

Mung Bean Stew

Mung Bean Curry

Mung beans in  soup, for breakfast, even for dessert! — Louisa Shafia writes:  “Mung! Why You Should Eat These Tiny Beans from India,”


Sprouted Rye Essene Cakes


Nothing but rye.


“What are these?”

“Rye cakes. Essene bread. Sprouted rye essene cakes.”

“What’s in ‘em?”

“Rye. Sprouted rye. Just rye grains sprouted. That’s all.”

“Hm. Sweet. Sugar?”

“No, just rye.”


“No. Nothin’ but sprouted rye berries.”

“Sesame seeds!”

“No. Just rye.”

So, I had all this sprouted rye berries, you know?  I cooked some of them. Put some in a salad. But I still had a pretty good container of sprouted rye.  So I dumped it all in the food processor and ground it up until it was kind of mealy or doughy or the consistency of hamburger. Then I used my hands to squish it and shape it into little cake shapes. I put the cakes on a cookie sheet and put them in the oven on low temperature.  I don’t know… 200? 250, maybe?  I sort of basically kind of dried them out, rather than actually baking them.  But whatever you call it,  I left them in there for what, an hour or so.  I don’t think the timing is all that critical when the temperature is that low.  They kind of dried out mostly on that side, then I turned them over and left them in the oven like that for a little longer, then I took them out.

One ingredient. Doesn’t matter much what temperature you “cook” them at. Some people just dry them in the sun, really.

And they’re good.  They’re sweet. They have good flavor.  They’re almost like a dessert.  Well, a dessert for people who don’t eat donuts and stuff.  I mean, they’re really good, but if you’re used to like Twinkies and stuff, no, they’re not like that.

Anyway… I love this stuff.   Really nice for breakfast.

And yeah, you could put other stuff in there if you want.   But I didn’t.

 How to make sprouted grain bread, from MotherEarthNews.com

Essene Bread… How to Make it in the Sun

This works with wheat, too.

Make it thick, or make it thin. Use an oven, or a dehydrator, or a rock in the sun. Add nothing, or add flour, or add whatever.

I made the most basic version, but this  sort of bread or whole grain food technique is extremely variable. You can experiment with lots of different grains, seeds, flours, herbs, nuts, fruits, ….

Hey, it’s your food, make it like you like it.